In this Section you will discover the best exercises to lose weight, how much exercise you need to lose weight effectively. Many People ask ‘can you lose weight without exercise?’ and the short answer is no. You need to do some workouts to lose weight, and you need to do them regularly.

You will also learn how can jogging help to lose weight and whether yoga helps in your endeavours to get slimmer. Ultimately, losing fat is about burning more calories than you consume, and thus you have to do some exercises to drop weight. Read on to discover some of the best exercises to lose weight that will help you achieve your goal in a healthy and effective way.

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I need to lose weight, but how can I find time to lose weight if my life is hectically busy?!” – you may be asking. Most of people these days need to be in several places at the same time, and they are already behind the schedule when they just wake up. Maybe you need a new 4G phone to check your emails and reply to your tweets while taking shower or having your breakfast? Yes, every minute counts, that’s how busy life is these days.

Life is Too Busy, But…

You may think that busyness is OK, but the trouble is that with this kind of frantic lifestyle it’s really hard to find time or yourself. We used to be driving to work just listening to the radio, nowadays we constantly think of something trying to solve multitudes of problems in our heads often getting nervous and stressed. Life is really tough and busy.

The implication is that people who can’t find a minute for themselves from dawn till dark are often overweight. In fact, the very reason you are reading this article now might be that you need to lose weight and looking for some weight loss help and advice. And the good news is that the Internet is really a powerful tool that can provide you with tons of weight loss tips, weight loss programs, weight loss exercises, and weight loss recipes quickly and easily. And despite your catastrophic lack of time and two miles long to-do list, fortunately you still CAN do something.

Diet Plan and Exercise

There are couple of thing that are extremely important to help you lose weight and improve your health – finding a proper diet plan and adding some regular exercise to your daily routine. And while diet plans are a whole massive subject deserving to be discussed separately and in detail, in this post we will show you how you can easily add some fitness exercise to your daily life without sacrificing any of your important deeds and errands.

As we live in the world of labor-saving machines and devices, those mechanisms oftentimes take away the opportunity of physical exercise from us, and to compensate for that we need to intentionally bring those opportunities back to our lives.

Turning Daily Activities into Exercise

For example, if you go shopping and can’t find a free parking space next to the supermarket entrance, instead of sitting still behind the steering wheel and waiting when some vacates a space for you, drive away to the far end of the parking lot, park there and walk (!) to the supermarket.

Came to a food store to buy only a few items? Refuse getting a trolley! Instead grab a food basket and walk through the store, milk and bread or putting juice packet and bananas into the basket and carrying it around to tone up those flabby arms. And don’t worry if your basket gets too heavy – you can always put it on the floor and have some rest before proceeding to the checkout.

If you live (or especially if you work!) in a multistory building and need to go from one floor to another whether on business or otherwise, do yourself a favor – forget the elevators, use the staircase! It may seem like an insignificant change, but it really does help a lot your weight loss as the benefits of these little extra ‘natural exercises’ are really going to add up.

Despite that we live in a busy and hectic world, you still have lots of opportunities to fit in some physical exercises by just tweaking slightly your daily routines. And although it may not seem a lot, a little bit of fitness and a bit of extra weight loss each day are fantastic rewards to make your day and bring you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. And who knows, maybe sooner than you can notice, you will stop thinking ‘I need to lose weight’, and instead

will get the body and the look you always wanted!

When looking in the mirror, quite a few people ask themselves the same old question “How to lose weight?”. The truth is that no matter which diet plan you are going to stick to, you need to combine optimum nutrition with suitable exercises to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Except cardiovascular exercises, which are a physical activity with continuous or frequent movement, there is another class of exercises called resistance training. Typical examples of cardio exercises included running, jogging, aerobic, dancing, climbing uphill, jumping a rope etc, whereas resistance training is to do with either weight lifting or using your own body weight.

Although both types of the exercises help you lose weight and keep fit, the advantage of resistance training is that it increases the mass of lean muscles in the body, and the more muscles you have the easier it gets to burn fat and lose weight.

You can practise resistance training by using weight machines, resistance bands, dumbbells and barbells, or just any kind of external weights such as bottles with water or even bricks. In addition, you can use your own body weight by doing pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squatting, lunges etc.

Resistance Training is More Effective For Losing Weight

When you do cardio exercises, your metabolism slows down almost immediately after you finish them. With resistance training, however, your metabolism continue to stay elevated long after you finished the exercises, even if you sit on a couch like a mummy.

Resistance training is extremely important for weight loss, and if you hesitate about doing it, imagine this. We have two people of the same weight – one has more muscle, while the other has more fat. Now, the muscle of the same mass occupies less volume than fat, therefore the person with more lean muscles will look smaller and fitter than the other one whose body is sagging and floppy.

Resistance Training Help You Look Leaner, NOT Bulkier

Apparently some people, especially women, are afraid of resistance training because they think it will get them bulky. They see bodybuilders with huge muscles and veins popping out through their skin, and loathe their look. What they don’t know however, is that to achieve that kind of look professional bodybuilders take body-enhancing drugs.

Let us get this thing straight – resistance training will NOT make your body bulky. All it will do is it will make your muscles leaner and stronger, and your body more shapely. Isn’t that precisely what you want?

Tips to Make Your Resistance Training Effective

  • Do Resistance Training Only 3 Times per Week – After you’ve done resistance training, your muscles need time to recuperate. Ideally you want a day break before each new session, so doing resistance training 3 times a week is quite enough.
  • Lift The Right Weights – If you lift weights that are too heavy, you may get yourself an injury; if you lift weights that are too light – you don’t give your body enough challenge and don’t train it enough. So choose the right weights for your resistance training.
  • Do it Slowly With Well-Controlled Movements – if you do resistance training quickly, you use the body momentum instead of your muscle strength to help you do the exercises, and thus you impair your efforts.
  • Refresh Your Training Program – When doing the same exercises over and over again, your body gets accustomed to them and their effectiveness noticeably reduces, thus slowing down your progress. Refresh you resistance training program with new set of exercises every few weeks to keep them challenging, exciting and useful.

The best way to see your extra fat burning away is to combine resistance training with cardiovascular exercises and the proper nutrition program. And when you catch yourself asking the same old question “how to lose weight fast?”, remind yourself – that slow but steady is much, much better and safer. After all, you don’t want to harm your health, and the very reason you need to lose weight is to look greater and feel better, isn’t that right?

From time to time, people decide they want to get slim and they start wondering how to lose weight fast?! They decide they are sick of feeling heavy and want to shed off some weight to feel better about themselves and live a healthier life. This is especially typical for the beginning of a New Year, when many people come up with all sorts of New Year resolutions, some of which are to lose weight, get more exercise, work out in the morning etc, etc, etc.

However, in reality what happens is that despite their best intentions and many self-promises, after short term dedication and seemingly unswerving resolution to proclaim war and triumph over excess weight, they fall back to their daily habits of buying oversized bags with greasy chips and fatty burgers from the nearest McDonald’s.

Here we are going to share with you a few effective weight loss tips on how you could avoid this state of affairs for yourself, make your weight loss intentions permanent and your desire for change and regular exercise to be something you look forward to every morning after getting out of bed, rather than dreading them and looking at them as your worst enemy.

Start Doing SOME (!) Exercise

So if you decided you want a change in the way you look and feel, and you want to lose weight to live a better and healthier life, then it’s a great resolution to start with. However, if you are new to exercise regimen, than instead of throwing yourself at it like a hungry tiger at a bone and trying to do it all within one day, you should work up to it slowly, starting from just a few simple exercises a day, and then gradually increasing your work out until you reach a level which is both comfortable and sufficiently challenging for you.

If, on contrary, you keep pushing and make yourself over exercise each day, then pretty soon you are going to hate the very idea of leading a healthier lifestyle, where regular exercise is an obligatory part of your daily routine. At this point, you can say goodbye to weight loss resolution and to any change for the better you planned for. You will then feel worse than before, you will be angry at yourself, and you will be clearly failing with your intention to lose weight.

Take it easy and move forward with the new exercise regime slowly. If you haven’t done a single pushup in the last 12 years, then do just a single one. If you can’t do even a single pushup, lie down on the floor and, with all your might, try to press against the floor with your hands feeling the tension in all your muscles. This kind of isometric exercises is known to work miracles on your body while strengthening your muscles and helping you to lose weight fast.

So start doing ‘some’ exercise, not all of it, and remember that while there is no ‘best exercise to lose weight’, any exercise is better than nothing.

Change Your Exercises

Another great tip to keep the weight loss state of mind is to change your exercises from time to time.  A lot of people find that they can do one kind of exercise quite easily and with time they become proficient at it and no longer feel a challenge.  While there is nothing wrong with doing just one kind of exercise to lose weight, the side effect of this is that your body gets accustomed to it with time and repeating it over and over again becomes ineffective for both your muscles and for the weight loss as well.

For maximum effect you should change your exercises regularly: do jogging one day, then lift weights on the other day, then go swimming one day, then do aerobics on the other day, and so on. Keep varying your exercises, keep them fresh and entertaining. Innovation and excitement are what helps you keep going and produce the maximum benefit from the exercises!

Just remember to always start small and proceed gradually to more challenging work outs. When you master some weight loss exercises, change them for others new and interesting. Keep moving forward like that, and soon you will notice positive changes in the way you look and feel. Not only will you achieve sustainable weight loss, but what’s more, this new lifestyle will become so natural and enjoyable that, when looking back, you will find it hard to believe that you could have lived differently!


So stop wondering how to lose weight fast, instead start practicing the weight loss tips we gave you in this and other posts of this blog, and with a bit of time and effort you are sure to see great positive results.