Internet is full of fad diets telling you how to lose weight fast by eating only cabbage soup and maple syrup or some other kind of obnoxious foods that nobody likes eating. Surprisingly, those types of diet are highly popular due to one simple reason – they promise you extremely fast weight loss and, indeed, with some of them you can lose a few pounds a week if you eat nothing but all those foods that people who like themselves would never eat.

But what do you think happens next? As soon as you stop practicing these diets, the weight comes back with a double-blow and not only you go back to where you started, you actually gain extra few pounds and, on top of that, your health may suffer too.

This kind of quick weight loss is not only temporal and short-lasting, it’s rather unhealthy as well. The other consequence of this fast weight loss is a negative effect on your metabolism: as your weight bounces up and down, your metabolism starts pondering “What the heck is this gal doing??! I’d better wait until she makes her mind up and is clear of what she wants”. As a result, your metabolism slows down and you start burning much less calories, so even if you eat less than before, you may actually gain weight rather than losing it!

Now, let us give you a few weight loss tips that can help you to burn fat more effectively and deliver more permanent weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip #1 – Stop Punishing Yourself For Breaking Diet

As a punishment for a deviation from diet, people punish themselves by starving or start eating much less immediately.  However, when you stop eating and nourishing your body abruptly, your body won’t know how to respond properly and will simply slow down its metabolism to a crawl. Thus, despite eating much less, you will not lose much weight.

Weight Loss Tip #2 – Stop Eating Too Much, But Do It Gradually

Much more effective is to reduce your calories intake gradually, giving your body a chance to adjust its metabolism continuously adapting to a new ration. Best practice shows that losing weight gradually is much more sustainable and healthier than following fad diets and, if done properly, may result in permanent weight loss. We suppose you don’t want keep eating cabbage soup and maple syrup as your main meal till the end of your days, do you?!

Weight Loss Tip #3 – Reward Yourself for Losing Weight!

Whenever you drop a little weight, even if marginally, treat yourself – book a spa day in a luxurious spa salon,  go for shopping to your favorite boutiques or shopping mall, or simply enjoy a delicious meal treat, why not?! After all, you genuinely deserved it! Whatever you choose, do something nice for yourself, make it feel special.

Rewards are a great thing that helps you move on with your new healthy lifestyle, but don’t overdo them.  You don’t want end up punishing yourself again for eating the whole chocolate cake at once or eating more than you could just to show rebellion against diets. So do reward yourself when you deserve it, but be sensible and don’t go unleashed.
Remember, losing weight isn’t really that hard or painful, provided you find a good motivation and learn to enjoy it by seeing the perspectives of greater look and better feel it can give you. If you need to lose weight, do a few adjustments to the way you act and think by incorporating the weight loss tips we gave you above: stop punishing yourself by starving, gradually reduce your calories intake and reward yourself regularly for all weight loss achievements, and you will be well on your way to a better and healthier you!

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